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As designers, the allure of our creations hinge on craftsmanship. While our designs are fueled by inspirations and are given wings by imagination; craftsmanship expresses the glory of our creations. Infact, Design and Craftsmanship are like Yin and Yang. A delicate balance between the two is required to attain a Masterpiece.

And that is our endeavor.

To create masterpieces which are worn with joy, treasured and passed down as memories.

Our craftsmen are the true artists. Their hands bring our imagination to life. There is much more to our jewelry making than simple metal-smithing. Our artisans translate mesmerizing concepts into three dimensional forms with unrivalled finesse bringing our vision to life with dedication and meticulous expertise. Our jewelry making encompasses fine techniques such as enameling, gemstone stone inlay, gemstone wrapping and different techniques in setting of gemstones.

Gemstone inlay is a craft where one or more gemstones are very intricately inlaid into gold, sterling silver or other gemstones. Our artisans start this process by choosing the best stones and carry out the entire process of inlay by sawing and grinding the gemstones to a desired shape followed by creating the metal collets according to shape and size of the stone. The gemstones are then set into these collets and then inlaid into metal/gemstone surfaces. They also experiment by using different types of stone settings.

Gemstone wrapping is an exquisite technique in jewelry making and is mastered by our craftsmen at our workshop. Gemstones are wrapped with sashes of gold in interesting patterns and studded with different gemstones. Each side of every jewel is made just as beautiful as the other; the wrapping is carried out perfectly supporting each stone's individual shape.

Enameling is a traditional art form practiced to enhance the magnificence of the jewel. Enameling is a technique that has been used in the royal jewels for generations, all around the world. It is a process of binding vivid and colorful glass to metal through an application of heat. Our team of artisans is especially skilled in vitreous enameling and their creations are often larger than life.

We revere our craftsmen. Every time a new design is brought to life by our craftsmen, we experience a flutter of excitement and anticipation. Almost like a child who waits to sample a new candy in candy land. And every single time the process is highly gratifying which is why we love what we do!

We are fully committed to fair and ethical practices at our workshop and have built long term relationships with our family of artisans and craftsmen. Our head craftsman has been us on this journey since it’s inception and is a valued member of our core team.

Zaheer, Our master artisan